Right after acquiring the FOSTEX X-15 4-track tape recorder in July 1986, De Nuit produced one or more songs each day and quickly had two 60 minutes long albums at hand (the best of these being available as DV4000). AVENTURE, the third PdN album, marks the switch to a different and more conceptional approach to recording.

Exotic places, romanticism, powerful rhythms, Noir-ish incidents, gloom and elation - all is here, as well as the typical cosmopolitan attitude.

Guest performances include Matthias de Nuit on drums and Marcel de Beauville singing. 

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Flair, style and internationalism; the orientation towards an industrial aesthetics, vintage as well as futuristic, plus a weakness for exotic places - all with a distinct European angle being prevalent. Enchanted by nature and favoring the night. That's Discos Veveos.

DV was established in 1998 though its roots date back to 1986 when founder Gregor Zentrich started recording on the X-15. Mainly conceived as an outlet for Gregor's work the label became sort of a cooperative affair for a while thanks to international contacts, the results of which are several extremely cool CDs.

Due to its ultra minor status and DIY ethos DV releases are highly collectible. Music lovers and discographers will benefit from a three decades long continuity of work.

This incarnation of DV gives online access to all releases in full via m3u playlists. For physical copies please inquire. And of course drop a line any time you please.